Guyana’s National Forest Plan – 2011

The Government of Guyana continues to update and rationalise policies and laws relating to the conservation, management, protection and sustainable development of the nation’s forest resources. This initiative began with the drafting of the National Development Strategy in 1996. The Strategy provides guidance for the development of the forest sector by identifying national development objectives and constraints. Sections of the strategy of particular importance to the forestry sector include those on forest management, Amerindian policies and education. In 2001, the Guyana Forestry Commission responded to the requirements of the National Development Strategy with a programme for the formulation and implementation of policies, strategies and action plans for the forest sector. The major components of this programme addressed:

  • National Forest Policy
  • Forest legislation

In 2010, the Commission has undertaken revision of the National Forest Policy taking into consideration of new developments in the forest sector, changes in the legislation, and new and additional policy decisions. The updating exercise also considered the Commission’s performance against the 2001 draft National Forest Plan and its implementation of the National Forest Policy Statement drafted in 1997. The National Forest Plan provides the framework through which the National Forest Policy is implemented and therefore requires periodic update to complement changes in the policies governing the forest estate. The Plan comprises several programme areas which are executed through a number of activities, many of which are long-term and continuous, whilst some are more short term. All activities are subjected to continuous review…Click here for more information

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